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Pier View Coffee Co proudly serves fresh roasted coffee beans provided by Calabria Roasting Co, an award winning roaster located in San Diego.


Pier View Coffee Co. House Blend

Regular or Decaf
Blend of renowned Central American and Indonesian coffees, roasted to develop full flavor and body, smooth and rich, with great crema and a sweet finish. Excellent as espresso or when blissfully combined with milk.
Café Del Sol
Organic blend. A most popular blend comprised from Indonesian, Central and South American coffees. Well balanced and smooth.
Columbia Supremo
This Varietal, from the best known producing country comes the highest grade prepared for export; a full, round, uniform bean produces a flavor that is consistently clean, mellow and rich.
French Roast
Our darkest roast, a blend of select Central and South American coffees, brews a full, strong cup with characteristic smokey, sweet tones.
Sumatra Manhelding
This select Indonesian coffee is noted for its rich syrupy body, unusually concentrated flavor, herbal aroma and long smooth finish. A Varietal, for centuries considered one of the world’s finest coffees.

Drinks Served Hot or Iced

Americano Espresso & hot water.
Breve Espresso with ½ & ½.
Café au lait Coffee & steamed milk.
Cappuccino Espresso only - Dry: all foam Wet: foam & milk.
Carmilla Espresso with vanilla syrup & caramel sauce.
Choc. Covered Raspberry Espresso with chocolate powder & raspberry syrup.
Con Pana Espresso & whipped cream.
Crème Brulee Espresso with white chocolate sauce & caramel syrup.
Hammerhead Espresso & coffee.
Hot Chocolate Steamed milk & choc. powder or white chocolate sauce.
Latte Espresso & milk.
Macchiato Espresso with dollop of froth.
Mexican Chocolate Steamed milk & Mexican chocolate powder.
Mocha Espresso, chocolate powder & milk.
O’Side Mocha Espresso, chocolate powder, coconut & macadamia syrups.
Steamer Steamed milk & any one flavor choice.
White Mocha Espresso, white chocolate sauce & milk.


Caramel Latte

Java Chip
Mocha (decaf avail)
Vanilla Latte
White Chocolate

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