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We are privileged to offer Gelato (Italian ice cream) made by Gelato Vero (Italian for Pure Ice Cream), the Southlands premier, handmade gourmet Gelato maker located in San Diego, Ca.

What is Gelato?
Gelato is a popular Italian ice cream that is sold by weight because it is heavier and creamier than it’s American cousin. American ice cream is vigorously stirred that adds air to increase the volume and that means you get less actual ice cream.

Ingredients are heavy cream, milk, skim milk, sugar and a natural stabilizer called Carrejean (Irish moss). 80 calories per oz.

Our Gelato contains no eggs, no meat-by-products and is wheat-free.

Our Sorbetto is a non-dairy fruit ice that contains no cholesterol. Ingredients are 60% pureed fruit, sugar and water. 50 calories per oz.


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